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User's Stories
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We love to read and share our Users’ Stories! In fact, this is one of our most popular pages! Please tell us your story at

Pre~Seed® 'fertility-friendly' Personal Lubricant is safe to use to relieve dryness and supplement moisture when you are trying to conceive. Consult your physician if you have not become pregnant after 6 months of product use. No clinical studies have been done to evaluate pregnancy outcomes in people using Pre~Seed. However, you can review our users' survey results here

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Pre~Seed Lover on July 22nd 2014

Preseed definitely made a believer out of me!

After trying 3 months to conceive our first child we tried preseed and we conceived that month. We only actually used preseed once that month on the day I ovulated. When we were trying for our second there were no questions about it we bought preseed and again conceived on our first "try"

We are so happy with this product! I am still in shock that we got pregnant a second time so fast!

If anyone is skeptical I would have to say that preseed definitely made a believer out of me! ~EO

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Pre~Seed Lover on July 20th 2014

Happy and Expecting in April! :)

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a few months and we beginning to get very frustrated. We had always used a popular brand lubricant to make things more comfortable. Little did we know until I talked to my doctor, that Astroglide actually is harmful to sperm! The first month we used Pre-Seed we get pregnant! We just found out today and we're ecstatic!

~Happy and Expecting in April! :).

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Pre~Seed Lover on July 16th 2014

Shocked that a new baby is already on the way

My husband is considered infertile (low sperm count and motility), so we conceived our 2 children using Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) at our city's fertility clinic. The Doctors all told us that we would never be able to have children without intervention.

I've been thinking about having a third baby recently, and had arranged an appointment with the clinic after my next period. My husband had bought Pre-Seed some time ago, and we decided to try it (also using an ovulation kit) since we'd have to wait another cycle before we could go in for our appointment.

So here I am, waiting for my period so I can book the appointment, and guess what - it never came! I'm only 5 weeks now, and we're excited, but a little shocked that a new baby is already on the way (a bit earlier than we had been thinking).

Will recommend Pre-Seed to all my friends. Thanks for saving us $250!

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Pre~Seed Lover on July 12th 2014

Highly recommend it to anyone trying to conceive

I am writing to let you know that I got pregnant the first month that my husband and I used Pre~Seed. I actually heard about this product online before we started trying to conceive and decided to try it. I knew that dryness could be a potential problem because of the stress that can come along with sex for procreation, and it was. Fortunately, I was able to use the Pre~Seed and conceived that very month! I have recommended this product to a friend and would highly recommend it to anyone trying to conceive.

Thank you for such a needed that provides necessary lubrication without harming sperm! -A.M.

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Pre~Seed Lover on July 8th 2014

Great product that really "delivered"

I just wanted to touch base with your company and let you know that we welcomed our third son last week. We were told years ago that we would never have any children unless we did IVF. For religious reasons, that was never an option for us. For all three of our children, we conceived without any fertility medication! (I am taking Metformin for PCOS though.) It took us five years for our first son, four months for the second and over a year and a half for the third. When I saw the ad for Pre-Seed, I was skeptical. But, three months later--VOILA! We will continue to use the Pre for intimate moments.

Thanks for a great product that really "delivered"--pun totally intended. ~MB

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Pre~Seed Lover on June 22nd 2014

The Best Father's Day Gift!

My husband and I started trying for a baby in May of 2009. We followed my obgyn's instructions to the letter, taking prescriptions, undergoing tests, with no result except sadness and frustration. On May 24, 2014, I stopped listening to my ob and started listening to my body. I bought Pre-seed at CVS and we used it every other day during the time between the last day of my period and the first day that my temperature rose. On June 20th I was able to give my husband the best Father's Day gift ever - news that I was pregnant. Thank you so much for your product. We couldn't have gotten pregnant without you!

J., North Carolina

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Pre~Seed Lover on June 20th 2014

I Can't Thank You Enough !

My husband and I have been trying to conceive now for 10 months (not too long I know, but when trying it feels a lifetime). I came across pre-seed in a forum and was interested to hear more, so I did plenty of research. As my cycles are irregular, my shortest 30 days and my longest 64 days, I was unsure when was best to use pre-seed. So we bedded every 2-3 days during my last cycle and used pre-seed each time, we found the recommended dose a bit too much so used slightly less.

As I have been disappointed for the last 9 months I took my first HPTa few days before my shortest cycle would have started on day 28. Sure enough it was negative!!!! I then did my second test on day 31 (I was tired and had been cramping for the last 2 weeks like AF was coming but she never showed up) and had the faintest positive you could see, so I did one each day after that for the following week with the positive line getting stronger each time. To be sure, I even tried a different brand and at different times of the day. I think I've taken about 15 in total-- ha!

We are so excited and can't believe pre-seed worked the first time for us, we will be recommending this product to all our friends trying to conceive. We haven't told our families yet as we are still a little shocked we actually got our BFP! Were only about 6 weeks along so once we've had our first midwives appointment we will be breaking our overwhelming news to them. To all Reading this and deciding whether to use pre-seed or not, just go ahead and do it - you've nothing to lose but so much to gain...

:) Thank you pre-seed we couldn't have done it without you. M ô~

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Pre~Seed Lover on June 10th 2014


A Product We Can Trust!

Dear Pre-Seed Staff,
I just wanted to share that we successfully conceived a beautiful boy last September (2009) and we just had him on May 25th...using pre-seed. A friend of mine recommended the product and I will continue to recommend it to future parents :) Thank you so much for creating a product that works and we can trust! Sincerely,

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Pre~Seed Lover on June 3rd 2014

Thank You for this Gift

I want to start off by saying thank you for this wonderful product. I have been trying to find ways to blog about this product to women that think that it will never happen for them. My husband and I have been trying for about two years, after the first year we both got checked and everything checked out we were both completely healthy, I didn’t know what else to try. Then I heard about your product, who would have thought that a simple product like lubrication would make the best thing in the world happen for us. I used it one time during my ovulation, now I’m 7 weeks pregnant. I can't wait to be a mom and I owe it to pre-seed. So I want to say thank you for this gift and for giving hope to women all over the world who gave up hope. ~ST Canada

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Pre~Seed Lover on April 29th 2014

After one month of use!

My husband and I had been trying to conceive our first child for 5 months before trying Pre~Seed. We researched the product and felt like it was something that we would like to try so we bought Pre~Seed after one month of use and we are so happy to announce that we are now pregnant! Thank you for making a great product that assisted us in the process of trying to conceive. We know that ultimately God the Father is the one who created our precious life, but realize that this product did help us to reach our goal. Thanks! ~D

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Apr 27th 2014

Fantastic product!

“My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about a year when we decided to try Pre-Seed® as we had read great success stories about it. On our second month of using it I became pregnant for the fi rst time in my life (I am 36)! I was over the moon, but sadly it was short lived as I miscarried at 5 weeks. However I am 100% certain that Pre-Seed helped me conceive and I will defi nitely be using it every month from now on. Fantastic product, I highly recommend it!!!!!!” ~ N

Note from Dr. E ~ Thanks for letting us know your story. I am so happy you were able to conceive. I am sorry for your loss. Studies have shown that about 25% of pregnancies are lost in the general population. This is a bit higher for older couples. Most women go on then to establish normally pregnancies, so do keep us posted.

One thing you may want to also consider is having a sperm chromatin assay done. If this comes back as showing any issues with your husband’s sperm chromatin, there are several things you can do to help improve sperm quality, and decrease the chances of pregnancy loss from a male factor.


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